Monday, September 22, 2008

As summer turns to fall.......

Ah, the invigorating changing of seasons!

Yesterday I found my way to the beach. It felt like an appropriate way to say "good-bye" to summer!

The beach was DEFINITELY different! Yes, there were a few brave people actually IN the water! My dear friend and I, however, were very grateful we thought to bring sweatshirts!

During the summer, sitting in our beach chairs brings a lovely sense of absolute relaxation as the sun warms us all the way to our bones. Yes, we walk the beach, but even that feels soothing.

Yesterday, there was NO sitting in the beach chairs! We simply walked, watching the birds huddled on the ground with their feathers all puffed out. I was absolutely energized!

So, I say "good bye to summer"......... and I rejoice in the coming of a new season. Yes the pleasures are different. Each day, and each new season, comes bearing its own gift. May we each take the time to "unwrap the ribbons!"

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Jayne said...

This time of year is such a welcome respite from the overbearing heat we've felt for weeks. I love this time of year and wish it could last a few months more. :c)