Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Progress....... even if it's S-L-O-W

"Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow." --- Plato

OK, now that I've read that quote from Plato, I'm ready to keep on posting to this blog!

Continual is NOT the same as continuous. CONTINUAL means recurring often, or repeated regularly and frequently. CONTINUOUS means unceasing. So, I'm continually sharing my thoughts on this blog. Even if that seems to have dribbled down to once a month!

That said, I do hope that we find a way to encourage our politicians to make SOME progress on healthcare reform this year. I'm encouraged that the debate is taking place. My prayers are for wisdom on the part of the lawmakers.

I've had an al-anon setback this month. My son lost his job, in part due to his drinking. That was quite a blow! So, what can I say, except that he's old enough to make his own decisions and live with his own consequences. My heart aches, though. I know that my son has a "Higher Power", and that sure isn't me. I just keep praying and trusting, one day at a time!

Meanwhile, my Spanish classes are over.... what a joy they have been! Now, it's on to tax preparation classes two nights a week. I've got a set of Spanish CD's to listen to as I commute. I don't want to lose what I've learned! One important phrase I've learned is "mas despacio, por favor"............. which means "more slowly, please". Have you ever tried to understand a foreign language being spoken as quickly as Spanish is spoken???? I don't hear that fast!

I'm so grateful that my life lessons are taught at a speed I can handle. So, I'll take Plato's advice, and try not to be discouraged, because sometimes my progress seems S-O S-L-O-W!