Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Signs of new life

I've been in the "waiting" mode lately. I haven't really been sure WHAT to write, so this blog has been bemoaning Father's Day for almost a month now.

One of my favorite quotes is "Be still, and know that I am God". That's what I've been doing this past month, helped along by a hurt knee! It's amazing how, now that I'm FIFTY years young, I can simply walk down some steps, hear a pop, and be in for 2 weeks of increasing pain! My knee is better now..... but it will be a LONG while before I think about wearing heels again!

I've started attending a Spanish class, and I'm actually excited about it! I studied Spanish in Jr. High and High School, and I just loved the language. I dreamed of being a translator (back then my dream was at the United Nations!), and I've got an inkling that perhaps there will be a way for me to live that dream on a smaller scale in the future. WOW!

I've spent so many years just "watching life happen TO me", that actually thinking about a dream is a HUGE sign of new life for me.

Imagine that........ this feels like a little miracle.