Monday, November 29, 2010

Advent - new beginnings

I find it hard to believe it's Advent again!
I can't get one sentence from yesterday's sermon out of my mind. "Every new beginning means that something has ended."
I've been turning that around in my head, and I realized that every ending also marks the chance for a new beginning.
Another similar saying: "Every time a door closes, another door opens.... but navigating the hallway can be TOUGH!"
So, here I am, thinking about endings and beginnings......... finally able to look back with gratitude instead of angst. Perhaps soon I'll catch a glimpse of the new beginning waiting just down the hall. Meanwhile, I'm grateful for the light in the hallway!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

With a heart of thanksgiving,

Thanksgiving --

It's Thanksgiving, and I'm so grateful for life.

I'm grateful that my daughter invited two friends to join us for Thanksgiving today. What a blessing to have friends around the table with us!

I have another friend who is having a difficult Thanksgiving, because her daughter passed away last week. I cannot imagine how she's getting through the day. I called her today to let her know I was thinking of her. I hope the call helped in some small way.

My daughter and I made our Thanksgiving lefse this morning. Lefse is a Norwegian flat bread made from potato dough rolled out thin, like a tortilla. It didn't turn out perfect. I hope I will remember my daughter's advice. She told me that I get too stressed out and take things too seriously. I'd have much more fun if I LAUGHED because it wasn't turning out perfect. I'd say she's a pretty smart lady!

Yes, I'm blessed this Thanksgiving. May you be blessed, too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Homer's Odyssey - recommended listening/ reading!

Posting about my cats reminded me that I needed to update my Shelfari list.

I spend almost 1/2 hour each way driving to work, so I often listen to audiobooks. I'm such a fan of my public library! I found "Homer's Odyssey". If you are a cat-lover, I absolutely recommend this book. This cat is blind, and his name is Homer. Listening to this book made my commuting time fly by!

Welcome to my Zoo!

Well, my home is now a zoo!

My daughter, after taking a year off of college, has moved back home so that she can work less and give her all to college beginning in January! Hooray!

The pets ARE a challenge! You see, I have one elderly dog and two cats. The cats have known my dog Megan since they were kittens, and Megan is very CALM.

Shaggy and Shelby, who moved in with my daughter, are anything BUT calm! Imagine how furious my cats are to have their home invaded by dogs that want to PLAY with them!

My bedroom is now cat sanctuary, thank you very much! There's a baby gate up, and the cats have their routine pretty well set now. In the morning, when I asssure them that the dogs are either safely outside in the fenced yard or closed up in my daughter's room, the cats head outside for the day. Later, when I come home from work, they'll come around and wait patiently by the door while I get the dogs out of the way again. In the cats come, and directly to my bedroom.

Occasionally, one cat will decide to come into the living room, followed pretty quickly by excited dogs and a cat on top of the television armoire! Ah, maybe one day they'll get accustomed to each other...... or, maybe not.

Oh, and Shaggy is part lab, and LOVES to play with a ball! In fact, he has a tendency to DEMAND to play ball. He drops the ball in my lap, and then barks LOUDLY, looking at the ball then at my face, then barking again.... sigh. Thank goodness someone told me to just say NO, followed by a little spray of water if necessary. He's a smart dog..... after a couple of tries, he's learned that my no means NO. Oh, yes, I do take him out to the yard with the ball. What fun!

All I can say is, this Thanksgiving I am extremely thankful that my daughter wants to make her education a priority!

Happy Thanksgiving!