Monday, April 27, 2009

Be Brave

I found this "be brave" badge over at "Things that Make Me Say"

If you click on the badge (to your left) you'll go to a blog page explaining the "be brave project".

I'm just at the stage of THINKING ABOUT participating. More to follow......................

Friday, April 24, 2009

Falling, and getting back up

Every once in a while, I feel myself falling into the "blahs". That happened today, and writing this poem helped!

Irritable --

Say to myself
This doesn't have to be!
Own your anger;
Put it in its place!


Make room for God's grace
OUT with guilt and with shame
Vent your true feelings, then
In no time at all
New energy returns
Giving joy with each step

Oh, may I remember this little rhyme
Next time my emotions are on the decline!

Anger is one emotion I just don't want to face! I learned early on that the only safe thing was to turn it inward onto myself. I hope I can remember this poem, and stop the insanity!