Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent Is Here!

Advent is here! I have never had my own Advent wreath at home, and this weekend I decided that this is my year to create one! Yes, I know this is not a traditional wreath, but it is my own design, and the candles are all there. I will keep looking for a rose-colored candle, but if I can't find one, then four purple candles it is!

This feels like just what I needed to bring light, warmth, and joy to my home this year. December will be my third month living without my children in the house, and it has been challenging to keep the house feeling like a home. Each evening, I'll be lighting the candle, saying some prayers and reading a scripture.

To each of you who read this, I wish you peace, "shalom", this Advent season.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Refrigerator Art!

Ah, there's nothing quite like the joy of having refrigerator art again!
This art is courtesy of my great-niece Charlotte! I spent Thanksgiving Day with Charlotte and her family. This is one of the pictures that Charlotte gave me to bring home with me. I'm so blessed!
I told Charlotte how much I love butterflies, so here is a picture of "Aunt Evey" on a magical butterfly ride! I am so blessed to have the love of Charlotte and her little brother Daniel. What a joy to have hugs aplenty, and hysterical games of "Slamwich". (If anyone is looking for a FUN, inexpensive game for families with kids 5 - 8 years old or so........... I highly recommend the game, available at Barnes & Noble.)
This Thanksgiving, I'm definitely grateful for the love of children!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unexpected Curves on Life's Journey

Talk about some curves! Here are some of the ways my life has been turned upside down in the past few weeks:

1. My son was in an auto accident. He braked to miss a deer on the road, lost control, and slammed into a telephone pole. Thankfully, he's alive! He has his broken jaw wired shut, a broken nose, broken bones around his eye, and a broken collar bone. I drove the 3 hours to go see him last weekend in the hospital. It was hard to see him in that shape, and harder still to leave to drive back home!

2. A long-time close, supportive friendship seems to have ended. What more can I say, than to say that this hurts. This was the friend I would have called first when I learned that my son was hurt. I've heard that when one door closes, another will be open. The trick is to avoid staring for too long at that closed door. I've been finding myself doing my share of staring back, though. Maybe I need to, just for a little while, so that I can feel my feelings of grief over the lost relationship.

3. Speaking of open doors......... I've actually been on my first date since 1979! You see, I was married in 1980 and divorced in 2004. Since then I've been finding healing in many ways. On the very same day that I learned of my friends desire to back away from our friendship, I was introduced to a charming man, who later asked me out on a date! Can you imagine how exciting AND how scary it can be to start dating after 30 years!!!!!!! Whew!

So, for now, one day at a time, I'll keep trusting that God is not surprised by any of the changes along this curvy journey I'm taking. Whatever comes, I'm not alone.

Oh, by the way, this picture came from Flickr....... if you click on it, it will link to the original post. My understanding is that it's OK to post with a link. :~)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

About the Charter for Compassion.....

I learned about the Charter for Compassion from Bonnie at Original Art Studio. I can't explain it any better than Bonnie has...... so please check out her post! As I see so much more polarization in the world, I'm thrilled to spread the word about a group that is promoting something different, and giving voice to words I've felt but didn't know how to say.

Charter for Compassion

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ch ch ch CHANGES

First, I must say a big THANK YOU to Jayne for suggesting the simple tiara as a costume. It worked! Queen for a couple of hours, I had fun.

Then, oh my, my world has been rocked. If you want to see a picture of how upside down my little world has felt, then watch this amazing rock slide HERE. I'll have to post more about it later, when I've had time to gain some perspective. For today, that's my goal. Keep breathing, keep letting love and faith guide me, (including loving myself just as I am.......... I've found that to be so important!) and learn the lessons life is teaching me right now.

I've had a little bit of help in finding perspective, thanks to Roberta's camera lens HERE.
Oops, just heard my clock chiming. It's time to go to work!