Saturday, October 4, 2008

Staying connected

Whew- where has the time gone since September 22, when I last posted?

It seems I've been so busy, I've only had time to check out blogs for a few minutes here and there, and NO TIME to write! It's amazing how much I miss my friends in the blog-world!

I've been blessed lately, in that my son now has a SWEET girlfriend, and they are starting to eat some meals with me and play a game of Rummikub or two now and then. My daughter still comes home from college, too. Even when she's there, she calls to keep in touch. I'm so proud of her! She's struggling in biology (who wouldn't?), but she's not dropping the course. Instead, she's getting a tutor, and joining a study group!

It feels SO good to be connected with my kids, even when they don't HAVE TO stay connected.

I have a feeling that God feels the same way when I take the time to be connected to God. I'm starting to see that, as important as prayer is to staying connected.......... it takes more than that to REALLY have a connection with Him. It takes ACTION, by reaching out to others, sharing the love that we've been given.

Last night, I helped with the "Parents' Night Out" at our church. I had been having SUCH a challenging week, and I was feeling absolutely BURNT OUT! You know, as soon as we headed to the playground with the children, I felt like a new person! What a joy! I'm so glad we're doing that! It's a win-win for everyonee. :~)


Jayne said...

Welcome back Evelyn. I've missed you. :c) The time is flying these days for sure. Glad you are getting the time with your kids and feeling that sense of connection.

kristin said...

What you say is SO TRUE! James 2: 14-18 talks about faith without action...."reaching out to others, sharing the love that we've been given". Amen to that! In a world so hungry for love....