Monday, May 17, 2010


I found this picture here. I don't have time to write about it, (as I'll soon be late for work!) but the photo intrigued me. Thoughts to follow..
Why did Jesus say
"you must become as a child"?
Reflected here
I perhaps see
an answer
THE answer?
no, probably not!
It's simply the innocence
the trusting, expectant confidence
all is well
Oh, in case you're wondering about the little "wink" along the side....... no it is not part of the poem, but rather just a way to politely ask Blogger to leave a space between the verses!
If anyone knows a better way to ask Blogger to leave a space, please share!


ROBERTA said...


Jayne said...

I think it speaks of the need to be vulnerable and trusting with Him, don't you? :c) Wonderful photo Evelyn.

Evelyn said...

So true Jayne!

Thank you, Jayne and Roberta, for stopping by!

Just Be Real said...

Evelyn, thank you for sharing. Touched my heart.