Monday, May 31, 2010

Check out Suan Isaac's blog!

Here's a big THANK YOU to Jayne for her recommendation of the book "Angry Conversations With God", by Susan Isaacs. I could hardly put the book down! (It's on my Shelfari now, too!)

I decided to check out Susan's blog, Gray Matter, and what a wonderful surprise!

I'd especially like to recommend three of her recent posts:

"Kid with Aspergers interviews his mom" a real interview from PBS's Story Corp.

"Say YES AND" , recommended reading for anyone who has conversations about faith,

and "A stolen Poem by Mary Oliver". I need to check out Mary Oliver's poetry. This poem, "The Journey", could be a word picture of the place I am in my life's journey right now. I've listened to the voices of others saying "do this, do that" for so many decades. It's time for me to find out what MY voice sounds like!

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Jayne said...

Glad you enjoyed it Evelyn. It is on my "next book to read" list on my Kindle and I am quite looking forward to it. I visited Susan's blog and quite enjoyed the kid interviewing his mom. Delightful! Hugs to you.