Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finding Balance

When I think of balance, I remember how as a young girl I loved to walk up higher than the ground. My apartment building had an enclosed area with a tree in the middle, and benches in a square. I loved getting up on those benches and walking (or running!) around and around, jumping from bench to bench. I'd often walk along the curb instead of on the sidewalk, just to enjoy keeping my balance on the narrow space!

My life has gotten BUSY these last couple of weeks! So, how do I find my balance? How do I keep my connections with God and with my friends, take care of myself, AND do the extra work I've added to my schedule?

Some days, I'm energized, as I move from activity to activity, keeping my balance.
Other days, I'm overwhelmed. It doesn't help that I'm a "political junky", and have difficulty tuning out of the drama afforded by this year's election. (Never fear, readers.....this blog is NOT going to turn into a political blog!)

How do I keep my balance? For me, right now, that means making a special effort to be REALLY PRESENT in the activity I'm doing......... whatever that may be. I'm finding a surprise! If I'm with my friends, I'm NOT thinking about classes and the studying I need to do. One night I was having difficulty getting my mind to settle down for sleep, prayer, reading, or anything. I started singing a hymn (and I DO love singing hymns!) There was grace in that moment, and I found my balance again.

There IS joy in the journey right now. I've forgotten how fun it is to walk along a narrow place!


ROBERTA said...

YES! living in the present - no matter what it is - happy, sad, unable to sleep - that is the key...

Jayne said...

It's so easy to slog through the weeks and get to Friday without having ever stopped to smell the roses. Thanks for the reminder Evelyn. :c)

DaisyBug said...

Really - we have no choice but to live in the present. We can only be true stewards to today - this moment. It is always helpful to remember that, isn't it? Multi-tasking is all very well and good but at the end of the day - doing one thing at a time very well is the cleanest and most efficient way to get through a day - no?