Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a week!

What a week this has been!

I started out last Saturday by taking Cindy to college. Ah, the exercise one can get when the dormitory is on the 3rd floor! Move-in was a zoo, and somehow the mattress topper got lost in the shuffle. So, we found our way to a nearby Target to get a replacement. (That's AFTER going to the Wal-mart right across the street from the university, only to find that they had NO TWIN X-L BEDDING! -- WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??)

Now, I'm only an hour's drive away from the university.......... but still, imagine my surprise when my daughter called and said "I'm coming back home" that very afternoon! It seems her roommates "didn't even make sure I was awake to go to the barbeque". That was her first lesson in college reality -- you're responsible for waking YOURSELF up! She headed right back the next day, and is doing fine now. :~)

Meanwhile, my girlfriends took very good care of me, and escorted me to the beach on Saturday afternoon. Beach therapy.......... just what the doctor ordered! Aren't friends just the greatest blessing?!

Then, Monday I started my own classes -- I'm taking the H & R Block tax course, so that perhaps I can earn some money to pay for this college education! So far the course is not difficult, but you know, it's been a long time since I had to come home from a long day of work and DO HOMEWORK.

What's next? Well, a sinus infection, thank you very much.

I'm finally feeling human again........

Now, I'm off to check on my favorite blogs! I've missed you all!


ROBERTA said...

i think it's terrific that you are taking a course now that your daughter is starting the next step on her journey through life. now it is your turn.

i too went back to school when my kids starting leaving home - i was just going to take a few courses and EIGHT YEARS later i ended up with a master's degree....i would never have imagined such a thing the sky is the limit - i'm quite impressed that you are taking on a tax course - i can't even balance my checkbook!

Jayne said...

Such a rite of passage Evelyn... for the both of you. ;c) So glad she is settling in and that you are thinking of what you'd like to do as well. We've missed you!