Friday, April 25, 2008

Running out of gas!

Today, I just have to share a story about my son!

I am posting early in the morning, which is VERY unusual, because I awakened at 5 a.m. to go pick up my son from work.

Why, you might ask, did he need the ride? On second thought, maybe the title of the post was a clue. (You've gotta remember that it's EARLY!)

My son chose to go to work on an almost-empty tank of gas. The only thing he didn't think about was gravity! As he was climbing up a tall bridge................. sigh.............. he ran out of gas. Then, he made the decision to walk the rest of the way to work, so his car was towed! Ah, the wisdom of a 21-year old with much growing up still to do.

As we were driving home, I told him that one day (probably by the time he's MY age!) he'll LAUGH when he remembers this day. He's not laughing today.

I read an on-line post this morning about solitude, and how important being "face-to-face" with myself and my feelings is so important. For me, taking the time for solitude, and connection with God, is just as important as keeping gasoline in my car! Coasting along through life, I might get by without it for a while. I just NEVER know when I'll run into a steep hill I need to climb. When the unexpected gets here, I definitely want some gasoline in my spiritual tank. :~)


Jayne said...

A wonderful analogy Evelyn. A completely empty tank is harder to refill indeed. Have a wonderful weekend.

Heather said...

It is so nice to have you blogging Evelyn! I've so enjoyed these last few days reading you!

Evelyn said...

Thank you both for your comments! As a follow-up, my son DID manage to get his car back home, with NO HELP needed from me. (He DID try to tell me he couldn't do it, and could I please, PLEASE, do it for him!)
Now, he gets to wait til his next pay day to get the car fixed! Running out of gas really messes up cars these days!