Monday, April 28, 2008

The economy is hitting home....... sigh

The economy is hitting home.

In the "big picture", this may seem trivial. In my household, it's not.

My daughter is graduating from high school this June! YAY, Cindy!

Her Aunt Martha (my dear sister!) was planning on flying down from Massachusetts to join in the celebration. Everyone was so excited! Cindy and her boyfriend were going to go camping with Aunt Martha after the graduation. What fun!

Well, to make a long story short, the stock market's woes have hit my sister and her husband in the pocketbook. The good news is, she has found a job! The sad news is, she won't be able to come to the graduation as planned.

My darling daughter has had WAY more than her share of disappointments in life. It was so hard for me to see her disappointment again. What did she say? "It's nothing new".

So, how do I "light a candle" and bring some joy into this picture? Hmmmmm, that's going to take some prayer and some creative thinking.


Jayne said...

Ouch...that's a tough one Evelyn. Hard to soothe disappointment like that, but that is life.

Evelyn said...

Yes, Jayne...... that's life. And I'm remembering a little stepping-stone message I saw at Hallmark a few years ago. It said "Instead of preparing the path ahead of my child, may I prepare my child for the path ahead." Or, something like that!

I'm feeling much more hopeful today! Thank you for caring, Jayne. :~)