Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celebrating Friendship

It's Saturday!

Today I'm celebrating friendship in so many ways.

One friend, who is starting a new chapter in her life, needed help moving this morning. So, another friend from work and I helped her pack up and bring some things to her apartment. Arriving with some of her cherished items, we had a mini celebration! This afternoon, other friends are helping her get settled when the moving truck arrives with the rest.

In a little while, I'll be heading to another friend's apartment, where the "fearsome foursome" are getting together for some friendly games and a meal. I'm SO grateful to have found a group of friends who enjoy the budget-friendly entertainment provided by sitting around a table and playing games!

When I finish blogging, I'm headed to the library to pick up a book of poetry for 4 voices. I'm hoping I'll find some friends at church who will agree to put together a performance of one of the poems for our upcoming talent show for a good cause. :~)

Friendship is one of the most wonderful gifts I've been given. Today, I'm grateful for friends. What's the best way to have a friend? B-1!

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Jayne said...

Friendship is a lovely gift for sure. I spent three hours with my best friend Friday evening. There is nothing like chatting with a girlfriend.