Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A "god" called food

I finally did it! I've been reading "The Miss Rumphius Effect" blog for a while now, and I kept thinking that SOON, maybe, I'll write a poem for the Monday Poetry Stretch!

This week's topic was "FOOD". Here's my "first time try". It's a limerick about food. Enjoy!

There once was a "god" I called food
It always brightened my mood!
I'm upset, I'd say;
take this feeling away
quickly, or I'll come unglued!

Ah, sweet was the feeling of peace
that filled me after each feast!
What it did to my waist
as I gobbled in haste
Dare I say it? The word is obese!

Now I'm learning to say
take that darn stuff away!
I've had enough
of that fattening stuff;
I'll FEEL my emotions today!

So now food is back in its place
I'm no longer stuffing my face!
I eat what I need
and enjoy it indeed
slowly, for life's not a race!

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Pretty much sums it up Evelyn! Great job! It was once my drug of choice too.