Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The "art quote" of the day -- FINISHING THE THOUGHT!

Well, I really lost my train of thought there, didn't I?

And, now the art quote isn't even THERE any more. To paraphrase, it said that art must first be gentle and then honest.

Well, for me, gentleness with myself doesn't come naturally. I'm working on that! Honesty without gentleness, when dealing with changes that I need to make in my life......... well, that just turns into downright meanness. I prefer gentleness these days, thank you........... I've had quite enough of the other.

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Just Be Real said...

Dear one I hear you. We are our worst enemies at times too. We can not be totally gentle with ourselves. Beating up on ourselves. I am just as guilty.

Appreciate your honest Evelyn. Thank you.