Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Inspired by Jayne at JOURNEY THROUGH GRACE, I've been looking back through my blog this year.

I started this blog on February 21, so I don't have quite a year. It's been a year full of challenges, joys, and one hurricane that was too close for comfort.

For my blog, it's been a year of starts and stops........ one step forward, then plop, down I fall! Well, I am just a baby in the blogworld, aren't I? The good news is that I keep getting up and trying again......... and there's joy in the process!

Looking back through the year helped me realize a few things that are true for me.

  • Looking for the beauty and joy in each day is IMPORTANT for me!
  • I miss writing poetry......... I find my voice there
  • I've found inspiration, hope, and joy in following others' blogs....... thank you all!
  • Being still, and opening my heart to God, will keep me grounded, and I'll find strength and guidance through any challenge

So, Happy New Year, my friends!


Ruth said...

Happy New Year to you Evelyn. I trust the next 12 months will have more ups than downs.

Evelyn said...

Thank you, Ruth! :~)

The Muse said...

Your blog is so peaceful~i like it :)

Evelyn said...

I'm glad you stopped by, Muse! Welcome! :)

Café Chick said...

That's the wonderful thing about blogging - when you're ready to start again, after a break, it's all there waiting for you!
Happy New Year! :-)