Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friendship, caring, disagreement

Friendship, caring, disagreement..............

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts I've received in my life.

Over 22 years ago, a my friend moved in next door to me. Somehow, we bonded immediately. Later she told me that she probably wouldn't have even talked to me if we didn't both have our dogs to "kick off" the conversation.

What a gift her friendship is! She now lives halfway across the United States, and yet, thanks to affordable cell phone rates, we keep talking and caring about each other.

Right now, she's (understandably) in a fury over a situation that's partly political, partly religious.

As for me, when I'm discussing politics, religion, or anything controversial.......... I find it important to try to at least understand ALL sides. So, my conversations tend to take the form of presenting "the others' point of view.

Now, this is becoming difficult. I love this friend, and want to keep the conversation going. Right now, she can ONLY talk about this issue. She says that if I'm "not with her, then I'm against her". Sigh.

So, for now, I'm supporting her in her passion, and helping her brainstorm things that SHE can do to speak out for her cause. I'm saddened, though, because she feels that if I don't speak out about her issue MYSELF, then I'm not being her friend.

This world is FAR too divided, on so many issues.

So, do I stop presenting the other side's view when I'm talking to her?
Do I request that we just DON'T talk about that issue, when it's her passion?
Do I stop calling? I KNOW that's not what I want to do.

No, there don't seem to be answers. I've come to distrust anyone who says "WE (or I) HAVE THE ANSWER!" I'm learning that sometimes it's OK to just have questions.

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