Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feeling like a "grown-up"

When I started this blog, I noted that my sister always said "life begins at 50".

Well, I'm getting closer and closer to that magic number, and I've had the most amazing feeling today................. I actually "feel like a grown-up"!

I know, I know........ you might say that I've been an adult for years! Somehow, though, I have had this feeling of being an imposter. I spent my whole childhood anticipating the wonderful life I would have when I got away from my abusive household and "became an adult."

Imagine my surprise, when I found out that all of my problems didn't suddenly go away, just because I reached a magic age! I'm finally learning that the coping mechanisms I developed to survive my childhood have NOT WORKED VERY WELL as an adult.

So, after almost 3 years of therapy, and just about that long as a member of a 12-step group, I had the most amazing realization today. I don't feel like an imposter! I feel like an adult! WOW!

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Jayne said...

In the moment, when you finally know you are OK in your own skin... there's nothing akin to it, is there? Congratulations and hugs to you Evelyn.