Sunday, June 15, 2008

A day at the beach? NOT today!

Today was NOT the day at the beach that I had planned.

We FINALLY got some rain, so I'm grateful for that! It was getting so dry and dusty around here...... while the midwest is flooding.

I DID get to learn a new game. I played Othello for the first time. If anyone is looking for a challenging, interesting, quick game that is played by 2 people ------- I'd say give Othello a try!
Isn't it nice when we can have our plans change, and yet enjoy the day?!


Tera Rose said...

we played othello as kids when we went camping.

I like those travel ones that they have now- they are magnets so you can play othello in a moving car.

the problem is at my house- my husband plays only one game- CHESS (which is way too much work for me, games are supposed to be F U N)...and my oldest only plays RISK (ok how many millions of times can you roll the days and conquer countries??)

So the GREAT news is that I have a job with teenage boys that LOVE to play spades....othello....and all the many games that I played as a kid.

Tera Rose said...

ummm...we didnt' roll days..we rolled dice; sorry. don't know how to edit that mistake in my comment. LOL