Thursday, November 25, 2010

With a heart of thanksgiving,

Thanksgiving --

It's Thanksgiving, and I'm so grateful for life.

I'm grateful that my daughter invited two friends to join us for Thanksgiving today. What a blessing to have friends around the table with us!

I have another friend who is having a difficult Thanksgiving, because her daughter passed away last week. I cannot imagine how she's getting through the day. I called her today to let her know I was thinking of her. I hope the call helped in some small way.

My daughter and I made our Thanksgiving lefse this morning. Lefse is a Norwegian flat bread made from potato dough rolled out thin, like a tortilla. It didn't turn out perfect. I hope I will remember my daughter's advice. She told me that I get too stressed out and take things too seriously. I'd have much more fun if I LAUGHED because it wasn't turning out perfect. I'd say she's a pretty smart lady!

Yes, I'm blessed this Thanksgiving. May you be blessed, too.


Hope said...

Oh, I love Lefse! I grew up having it at Christmas time only. That and Krumkake. Must be some Scandinavian in you somewhere! There is in me, too!

Jayne said...

Indeed, it's such a great time to pause and give thanks for so many things, including the mantra that we DON'T have to be perfect. :c)

Evelyn said...

Well, actually it's my ex-husband's family that is Norwegian. I love the tradition, though, and my daughter does too! That's part of her heritage!