Monday, November 29, 2010

Advent - new beginnings

I find it hard to believe it's Advent again!
I can't get one sentence from yesterday's sermon out of my mind. "Every new beginning means that something has ended."
I've been turning that around in my head, and I realized that every ending also marks the chance for a new beginning.
Another similar saying: "Every time a door closes, another door opens.... but navigating the hallway can be TOUGH!"
So, here I am, thinking about endings and beginnings......... finally able to look back with gratitude instead of angst. Perhaps soon I'll catch a glimpse of the new beginning waiting just down the hall. Meanwhile, I'm grateful for the light in the hallway!


Jayne said...

I does just seem like yesterday, doesn't it? LOVE your pretty advent candles Evelyn. Here's wishing you a watchful season of anticipation...

Donna Henderson said...

I like a line from yet-another song in my head that goes, "Sometimes goodbye means a second chance." I have to keep looking ahead as often and optimistically as I can. Thanks for your steady support.

Evelyn said...

Yes, indeed, Donna. Thank you both for stopping by!