Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feeling ALIVE

When asked how I'm feeling today, the only description I could think of was, "I'm feeling alive!".

Here are some other words:




Yesterday, I was able to make a few decisions that have been weighing me down for a while. I'm so grateful to be out of the fog of indecision and inaction. This is truly God's grace.

It's funny, even writing this I start to feel a tinge of fear. Will this feeling last? Did I make "wrong" decisions? Well, in answer to the first question "NO.... this, too, shall pass; that's OK. For right now, I choose to FEEL rather than to try to hold onto the feeling." In answer to the second question "Maybe, but making NO decision was DEFINITELY the wrong decision; and if I was wrong, then I'll deal with the consequences. It's OK."

Meanwhile, it's good to feel alive!


Hope said...

Isn't it such freedom to be able to work through the feelings and be okay? I love that.

Just Be Real said...

Evelyn, what a beautiful post. Thank you.

Jayne said...

Hey Evelyn... email me... I have another book to share with you!


Jayne :c)

Donna Henderson said...

I love your blog.