Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally out of the tax season fog

Finally, finally, April 15 has come and gone. I worked in a tax return office this season, in addition to my full-time job. It took every bit of my energy to get through those 3 1/2 months! Will I do it again next year? How do I answer that question?

Can I use the money? That's a resounding YES.
Can I afford to put my body, mind, and spirit through the paces again?

My body --- I have developed an aching back from, I think, sitting all day and then again all evening.

My mind --- well, I think it did me good to learn all that I learned.

My spirit --- well, taxes are just plain TAXING on the spirit. There were some days, yes, when
I felt like I was really HELPING people through a tough time, and on those days I
left feeling uplifted. More often, though, I was just ready to go home.

One thing I've learned lately is that there are ALWAYS choices. Sure, money is an on-going issue in my life, as it has been ever since my ex decided, over 6 years ago, that he wanted his sweet-thing on the side more than he wanted our marriage and family. Sometimes I get so angry when I think about that............ (that's when I need Roberta's latest post over at Spiritually Directed!)........ but I soon slap myself on the head and remind myself that in every other way, I am SO much better off since the divorce!

Well, here I am up WAY too late. I've missed the blog-world!

Oh, and getting back to blogging isn't the only thing I've accomplished today. I also spent HOURS starting to get my yard back into shape, or at least I almost have it mowed, anyway! :~)


Jayne said...

I always feel for those people who are responsible for helping the rest of us sort through the tax nightmares! You are to be commended Evelyn! I know you are glad it's over though.

We've missed you here too!

Just Be Real/God Whispers In The Wind said...

Glad to see you have returned. Blessings.

Donna Henderson said...

It was so kind of you to visit my latest blog and leave a nice comment. You know, feedback like that does more for me than a whole month's worth of Prozac. I love what you wrote about yourself in your profile. I want to print that out and tape it to my mirror because it's exactly what I want to do, too. I enjoy blogging and I have a million topics and about as many photos I plan to post when I get time, but at the moment I'm sitting around on other people's back porches, just visiting and seeing what's up in their world. I like yours. Glad you're back. I've spent hours this week on my yard, too, begging it to please come back. Carry on, then, and I'll do the same, my friend. Thanks for the lemonade.