Friday, January 1, 2010

Easy Does It

Twice in two days I have heard an old Frank Sinatra song with the lyrics "Easy Does It". Could it be that those are the words I need as I start this New Year???

Indeed, my default mode is to overthink things so much that I become stressed and frozen. Then, I end up doing nothing until the last possible moment, and rushing headlong into the things I need to do!

Yes, I'm grateful for the message "Easy Does It". Just keep doing the next right thing, one thing at a time! Who me, one thing at a time? I'm usually doing at least 3 things at a time!

What can be easier than getting up in the morning, entrusting myself and those I love to God's care, and then just doing one thing at a time?

Sounds like a plan!


Just Be Real said...

Sounds like great words to me. I am sure I will be saying these words many times through out the year. Thank you for sharing dear one. Blessings to you and yours!

Jayne said...

Amen, sister, amen! Happy New Year Evelyn. :c)