Sunday, September 20, 2009

A brand new look

Well, I've finally changed my blog layout. What do you think? I've been admiring the backgrounds on other blogs, but could never find one that suited ME (except, of course, for the same ones I'd seen on other blogs.

Thanks to One Small Blog (you can click on their link on the top left of this page, if you're interestd)!


ROBERTA said...

LOVE the new look - glad you kept your egg candle though :)

Evelyn said...

Thank you, Roberta!
Yes, I knew I HAD to keep the egg candle. If the background competed for attention with the candle...... I just wouldn't even have considered it!

Ruth said...

I do like the new layout. It is not too busy and the colours are very pleasing.

Hope said...

I like the layout, too. I tried to change mine a few weeks ago but then changed it back to the original.

Evelyn said...

Thank you, Ruth and Hope!

Oops, the name of the site is "One CUTE Blog".... sigh