Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ahhhh, the beach!

Well, we have had rain, rain and more rain for the past few weeks.
This weekend, we have SUNSHINE!

At last, I found my way to the beach. The beach is "my place" for rejuvenation. I feel so much better now. There's something about soaking up the sun, picking up seashells, breathing in the salt air, and feeling the sand between my toes that is pure joy for me!

People-watching at the beach is a joy, too. I just LOVE to see toddlers chasing the waves, young adults playing bocchi or tossing a ball around in the surf, people in love walking hand in hand.... in a world all their own.

Yes, today was truly a gift!


Jayne said...

Soak it all in Evelyn and have a glorious time! :c)

A New England Life said...

You and me both! I have always found myself drawn to the beach in times of dispair, or because I feel happy and want to have that beachside feeling. I can't imagine living a landlocked life!