Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Kittens

Well, first there were 4 kittens born on December 30. What bundles of joy they are!

About 2 weeks ago, one kitten found a home with the friend of a friend. This dear lady had suffered the loss of her husband and 2 cats within 3 months. I'm so grateful that our little kitten is able to bring some joy and companionship to her home! Her resident cat didn't even mind. :~)

I've been telling everyone (I thought) about these sweet kittens that needed a home, to no avail. Last night I bought a digital camera. I, the technologically-challenged one, was planning to spend the afternoon learning how to upload pictures to post on Craig's list.

I'm happy to say that God had other plans! I arrived at choir practice, and a fellow choir member asks "does anyone know someone that has kittens?"! She must have been absent from choir when I asked there if anyone wanted a kitten.

The story gets more amazing! Another choir member just happened to have a car full of cat supplies (litter box, litter, toys, etc.) that she was planning to donate to the humane society this afternoon.

So, this afternoon, two little boys are thrilled to have two new kittens at their house, and no need to go out and buy all of the kitten supplies! Praise be to God!

Yes, I'm sad that my dear little "Winky", the tuxedo cat with only one eye, has left me. I'm so grateful that she has a loving home! I still have one fluffy kitten, and I think I'll keep him.

Whew, I'm SAVED from having to learn how to upload pictures this afternoon!

Who knows, maybe one day I'll learn how to do it, and will be able to post a picture or two now and then.


Jayne said...

So glad it all worked out and that they all found homes Evelyn. :c) God DOES work in mysterious ways.

A New England Life said...

Hi Evelyn,
Thank you for stopping by my blog : )

Glad the kittens have found a loving home. Too many animals go without and it's not fair.

Uploading pictures really isn't that difficult anymore. There should be a step by step tutorial. If not I would be glad to help you!