Monday, November 3, 2008

A Kodak moment -- wish I was good with a camera!

What a Kodak moment I enjoyed this evening!

The setting -- a very bubbly bubble-bath, and a very curious cat!

Midnight is a female version of Sylvester (of Tweety-bird fame)........ mostly black, with a white tummy, neck, and paws. I've inherited her from my children, who heard her crying outside one night around midnight, and proceeded to hide her in my son's room for a couple of days before letting me know that we had a new member of the family. She was a thin, undernourished kitten way back then. Now, she's a sweet thing who tends to carry her toys around, talk to them, and clean them. Do you think she's behaving like a little girl with a doll, and mothering her toys?

Anyway, she kept batting at the bubbles, looking VERY surprised, and pulling back her paw, shaking it and licking it clean......... with an expression that clearly said YUCK, this doesn't taste good! I had a good laugh, and laughter is definitely good medicine! :~)

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Jayne said...

LOL... I thought you were going to say she joined you! ;c)