Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reflections of Holy Week

Today is Saturday of Holy Week.

This is my first year celebrating Holy Week and Easter within the Episcopal community. What an experience this week has been!

I heard this statement from a church member before Lent began. He said "People often ask why we Episcopalians don't have revivals like other churches do." He went on to say that he realized that we do have a "revival", and that time is called "Lent and Holy Week". I couldn't quite see what he meant then. Now, I absolutely agree!

During this week, I've become increasingly physically tired, as I've added a church service to each day's activities. In church, we've heard messages lamenting that the 3 religions believing in the "God of Abraham", Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, just CANNOT get along peacefully. We've been asked to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem". We've remembered the events over 2000 years ago, leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. We've spent extra time in prayer, remembering how Jesus asked his disciples "Could you not watch with me one hour?"

Today is a day "between", awaiting the joy of Jesus' resurrection.

Meanwhile, may we all find a way to live together peacably.

And, I'd like to end by quoting a T-shirt I saw recently.

"God bless the whole world --- NO EXCEPTIONS!"


Jayne said...

EVELYN!!! Why didn't you let me know you splashed into the blogging world? You GO girl! Stick that toe in the water and smile! Thanks for having me on your blogroll. I am honored and will add you to mine of course. I'll be checking in so keep on posting!!! Hugs! :c)

Evelyn said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement, Jayne!

And, wow, a link on your blogroll.... that IS exciting! Double thanks. :~)

Take care!